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Off-grid Solar Power Project

CECEP Oasis has devoted to independent solar PV power plant field for many years and such plants poses the following advantages:

1. Oasis has built-up a lot of project experience in many regions both home and abroad. We could tailor our service to offer safe and reliable, best performance cost project design and plan based on the customers’ requirement and the actual condition of the project.

2. The equipment (modules, controllers, batteries, bracket, inverter, etc.) supplier management system with detailed requirements, excellent solution integration capabilities, rich project experience, strict ISO quality control system are the guarantee of the realization of the excellent project.

3. Long-term special tracking mode after-sale service and response to customers’ demand within 24 hours make sure that the clients could enjoy 25 years safe, reliable, high quality green power.

Stand Alone Photovoltaic Station

Stand Alone Photovoltaic Station is also called off-grid PV station which mainly includes solar cell module array, controller, and battery; if it needs to supply the AC load, a DC-AC inverter would be collocated. In the day, modules convert the light energy into electricity for the load and charge the power for storage at the same time. In the night or the rainy day, when the generating power could not meet with the load, it would switch to the battery for power supply.

SAPS applies mainly in the remote countryside, meadow, border areas, barracks in wild, scattered islands, desert, communication base station, service station in wild, gas station, parking lot etc. for their daily electricity demand.

Outdoor Solar Power Supply System

Outdoor Solar power supply system is usually called the small solar generating system which provides power for some equipment in the field where the regular grid cannot cover. This system commonly includes support frame, solar module, controller, battery, cable for electricity and communication, and inverter if the load needs. Such system poses the following features:

1. The system has long service life. Among the system, the module can be used for 20-25 years and meet the challenges of long period of working in outdoors bad weather and complicated environments.

2. The system can be easily installed and managed, no need of maintenance and be watched over.

3. The system is energy conservation and environment protection and has outstanding benefit of economy, environment and society.
Main application fields:

Outdoor Lighting: including solar street light, spotlight, insecticidal lamp etc.

Traffic field: including video surveillance, radar speed measurement, communication, traffic lights etc.

Auto monitor: Weather, forest fire prevention, nature reserves, oil fields, microwave measurement and other monitoring fields etc.

Communication: Microwave relay stations, cable maintenance station, outside broadcast / communication power systems etc.

Small power supply for military: Military vehicle photovoltaic power, field portable solar power.