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Publicity of “Fumin Baishiya phase one: 20MW ground photovoltaic power plant project of complementation of agricultural cultivation and photovoltaic power generation”


 According to the requirements of "guidelines for the disclosure of government information on environmental impact assessment of construction projects (for Trial Implementation)” notice (General Office No.〔2013〕103) issued by the State Environmental Protection Department General Office, it conducts the public participation information publicity for the environmental acceptance of the completion of the Kunming City Fumin County Baishiya phase one: 20MW ground photovoltaic power plant project of complementation of agricultural cultivation and photovoltaic power generation.

1. Construction project overview
Project name:Kunming City Fumin County Baishiya phase one: 20MW ground photovoltaic power plant project of complementation of agricultural cultivation and photovoltaic power generation;
Construction unit:Green Energy (Fumin) Solar Technology Co., Ltd;
Construction nature: Newly constructed;
Construction site: Yunnan Province, Kunming, Fumin County, Kuange Town, Heping village committee, Xiantang village, northwest;
Acceptance Monitoring (Investigation) Unit: Xinjiang Dingyao Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Construction Content: The project covers an area of 31.95 hm2; the main construction content includes photovoltaic power generation facilities and photovoltaic agricultural facilities.
① Photovoltaic power generation facilities include photovoltaic power generation system, 35kV transformer room and temporary 35kV switch station. The photovoltaic power plant’s actual installed capacity is 19.64MW; it adopts domestic polycrystalline silicon solar cell components by 250Wp, 255Wp and 150Wp, and the solar cell array uses fixed bracket; it builds nine 1.1MWp photovoltaic power generation sub-systems, seven 1.12MWp of photovoltaic power generation sub-systems and one 1.87MWp photovoltaic power generation sub-system; it constructs sixteen 35kV box rooms, two centralized inverter containers and one temporary 35kV switch station.
② PV agriculture facilities include agricultural planting greenhouses and agricultural irrigation facilities. Multi-span greenhouse planting area covers 3.65 hm2, which grows Chinese medicine honeysuckle and Rehmannia and installs sprinkler facilities, water diversion pipes.
③ The total investment of the project is 260 million Yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 455 thousand Yuan, and the investment in environmental protection accounts for 0.175% of the total investment.

2. Investigation on the implementation of environmental protection measures
The environmental impact statement, the approval documents and the design documents put forward the requirements of environmental protection measures comprehensively on the project, these measures and requirements have been implemented basically in the actual construction and operation of the project, and some engineering measures and environmental protection measures were adjusted according to the actual situation, details are as follows: EIA requires to set up a 100L plastic trash bin outside the temporary office area, and set up scattered trash cans for the temporary office area in the period of acceptance, which is for the classified collection of office trash and living garbage, and the garbage will be taken in garbage bags back to Heping village living area for the disposal; EIA requires to set up a wastewater collection pool with the total volume of about 1 m3 in front of the temporary office building, and during acceptance, the wastewater collection adopts cleaning wastewater collection buckets, which are dispersed in the construction area, temporary office area and Heping village living area. Its total capacity is more than 1 m3; landscaping grass seeds had been sown, but had not yet grown. During the construction period, there are no full-time environmental protection personnel to carry out the environmental supervision, but the part-time environmental management personnel and project supervision personnel carry out the overall environmental supervision on the construction activities and meet the requirements for completion and acceptance of environmental protection.
3. Environmental Impact Survey
(1) Environmental Impact Survey of Design and Construction Period
In the process of design, the project put forward some relevant countermeasures and put them into the design on the basis of considering the local social situations and the possible environmental impact.
In accordance with the requirements of the design, environmental assessment and EIA approval during the construction, the control measures were adopted. Through the field investigation, the measures taken were effective. Although the construction incurred impacts on local ecology, the construction unit has taken positive measures, by the engineering and plant measures, to restore.
No pollution and nuisance incidents have occurred since the construction and operation of the project. Since the project was put into trial operation, the construction unit has not received any complaints related to environmental protection.
(2) Investigation of Ecological Environment Impact
The construction mainly resulted in the decrease of the proportion of plant communities such as savanna shrubs containing pinus yunnanensis and partial plant population. The land occupied by the project has brought some negative effects to the local ecological environment. During the construction process, the construction scope has been strictly controlled and active engineering, plant and temporary measures were adopted to reduce the construction area, plant loss and ecological damages. During the construction of the project, the construction unit has zoning implemented the prevention and control measures determined by the soil and water conservation scheme, and the measures such as covering, blocking, cutting, drainage and greening restoration has basically controlled the soil erosion in the project area. Through the on-site investigation, it’s found that the construction unit has adopted the corresponding ecological protection measures and ecological restoration measures in strict accordance with the design, EIA report and the requirements of EIA approval. The ecological restoration effect is obvious and the influence of the project construction on the ecological environment is effectively controlled.
(3)Acoustic environmental impact survey
The noise during the project construction meets the "Environmental noise emission standards for construction sites" (GB12523-2011) day ≤ 70dB (A), night ≤ 55dB (A), the maximum noise level does not exceed the limit; during the trial operation, the noise meets the "Class 2" standard of "Environmental noise emission standard for industrial enterprises" (GB12348-2008): day ≤ 60dB (A), night ≤ 50dB (A). Sensitive point noise meets the “Class 2”standard of "sound environmental quality standards" (GB3096-2008): day ≤ 60dB (A), night ≤ 50dB (A).
In this project, the noise of the field and the sensitive point of the agricultural PV power station meet the corresponding standards, and the noise effect brought by the project is small.
(4)Other environmental impact survey
During the construction of the project, the dust and the oil and gas exhaust have little influence on the surrounding environment, and the operation period does not produce waste gas. The construction wastewater is collected from the sedimentation tank and then used for spraying water to reduce dust and construction process after the precipitation in the construction site, without outside discharge; the domestic wastewater generated during the construction and operation period is used for greening and agricultural irrigation after being collected and processed in the wastewater collection pool. After classified collection of solid waste, the living garbage is placed in the garbage room and removed by Heping village committee regularly; Set up the plant root and leaf concentrated landfill area; the recyclable solid waste, such as the wasted battery plates generated by repair and maintenance, shall be properly disposed by the third phase of the project; Wasted fertilizer bags, pesticide bottles and bags are collected and returned to the manufacturers after disposal; The pit toilets are commissioned by the villagers to clear for the agricultural fertilizer, and there is no impact on the surrounding environment. The impact of the project on the surrounding landscape is small, and the impact of photovoltaic panels reflecting the light can be ignored.
(5) Environmental Management Survey
During the construction period, the supervising party is responsible for environmental management by deploying specialized personnel. All the processes in the construction are strictly checked to meet the environmental requirements. The construction site is supervised and checked from time to time and the corresponding environmental management measures are taken during the construction. During the construction period, the construction workers’ education of environmental protection awareness is strengthened, and the construction strictly follows the requirements of design and environmental protection. The environmental management measures can be implemented. After completion and operation of the project, according to the environmental characteristics of the construction area, the operating unit in charge set up a corresponding management department, formulated the corresponding environmental management system, and developed the line patrol system. During the trial operation, the environmental management was strengthened and the remedial measures were taken to solve the environmental problems in time.
(6) Suggestion
In response to the findings of this survey, the following suggestions are made:
(1) The present revegetation has not yet achieved the desired effect, the soil and water conservation facilities’ management and protection should be strengthened to ensure its normal efficiency.
(2) It is suggested that in the dry season, the collection and drainage pipe network shall be dredged, and the dredging sand tank shall be cleaned; collection barrels’ domestic wastewater in the temporary office area is used for water conservation and greening irrigation in a timely manner in the field area, and there is no outside discharge; smoothness of temporary living area domestic sewage drain shall be guaranteed to prevent trenching plugging spill; the garbage in the temporary office area shall be removed daily, the garbage room in the Heping village living area shall be cleared periodically to prevent from piling up, and the pit toilet shall be cleaned up to reduce the odor.
(3) The environmental management system shall be improved to establish the special rules and regulations for environmental protection facilities’ daily inspection and maintenance.
(4) During the operation period, the construction unit shall, according to the actual situation or when as demanded by the general public, entrust the qualified units to monitor the noise of the project as needed. The construction party shall actively cooperate with the environmental inspection.
(5) After the project office area has moved into the third-stage office area, it is necessary to clean up the temporary office leased area and should not leave the environmental problems behind.

4. Publicity time
From August 1, 2016 to August 5, 2016.

5. Major issues for public comment
This announcement mainly solicits the public's thoughts and suggestions on the environmental protection work after the completion of the project to learn the impact of the project on the community and the public's real attitude and ideas, and to earnestly protect the interests of the affected people by knowing the public's opinions.

6. The main way of public comment
After this announcement, the public can express their views on the construction and acceptance of the project by sending an e-mail or letter to the designated address, making a phone call or attending an interview.
According to the “Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Licensing”, the applicant and the interested party may, within 5 working days from the publicity, request a hearing for “Environmental Protection Acceptance Questionnaire of the Kunming City Fumin County Baishiya phase one: 20MW ground photovoltaic power plant project of complementation of agricultural cultivation and photovoltaic power generation” approval.

7. Feedback
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